Heyhoods Community

Heyhoods is a collaborative community created to help each other in emmergency situations.

It arises from the need of immediate help and our trust in people around us.

Being part of the heyhoods community means being protected anywhere in the world while also offering help to other members that, like you, can be found in danger situations.

Heyhoods is a free application and its functionality is linked to the number of users, therefore sharing it helps us to create a solid and trustworthy community.

If you need help from the community, just by pressing the 'hey!' button, the heyhoods application gathers your emergency information like your location, name and other important data, and it sends it with the alert message that you would have created (be it a text message or an audio message) to the heyhoods community members so that they que assist you immediately.

If you wish so, you can also call the emergency service from heyhoods and notify your contacts saved as trusted at the same time of the alert.

The app is very easy to use. Once you are registered, you will only have to login and press the 'hey!' button to create an alert.

At that moment, the community members that are nearby will be able to:

Know your real time location

Communicate with you via chat, live streaming or voice messages

Call the emergency services if needed

Assist you immediately

The more the members we are in heyhoods, the greater the community will be and the better the coverage will be to solve emergencies.

Heyhoods sends the alerts to members that are within a nearby radius and limits the entry to a chat so that collapses are not produced and the conversation can be fluid and be resolved in the minimum possible time.

If we altogether manage to make heyhoods grow, the more people we will be willing to help around and the less the alerts we will receive, since these will be distributed geographically and organically.

heyhoods is a community that intends to grow based on the trust upon its members.

The efficiency of the community depends on the commitment of the group and therefore our team will discard the members that might use the application fraudulently.

They say that the most precious thing in the world is trust and it is mutual trust that keeps human groups united.

Help by sharing heyhoods with your trusted people so that we altogether build the largest and safest virtual neighborhood of the world.


believe in others.